About Dr. Smith

About Dr. Smith

SmithDr. Laurence C Smith, PhD is a developmental clinical psychologist who uses developmental theory in working with all ages from children to geriatrics, and in relationships. He does Brief/Solution Focused Psychoanalytic and Developmental Therapy.

“I love my work. I see many patients per week and I have grown and continue to grow over the years. My developmental  background is used with every patient. I work well with all ages. I have many sub-specialties because of diverse interests  and specialized training. I am committed to short term work with clients as can be seen from developing one of the first  EAP’s in San Antonio in the 70′s with a 1-9 visit limit.” — LCS, Jr.

Dr Smith specializes in: Adolescents,Anxiety,Children,Couples/Relationships, Families, Depression, Geriatrics, Gerontology, Life Transitions, Parenting, Sexual Dysfunction, Addiction, Stress & Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.


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Whatever our hands touch
We leave fingerprints!
On walls, on furniture
On doorknobs, dishes, books.
There’s no escape.
As we touch we leave our identity.

Wherever I go today
Help me leave heartprints!
Heartprints of compassion
Of understanding and love.

~Laurence C Smith