Determining Your Purpose

Determining Your Purpose


Listen to “Sunshine on my Shoulders” by John Denver while you read the poem-


Understanding Life’s Meaning:
A Personal Narrative Approach In Determining Your Purpose

Premise:  We are here to fulfill some general and specific  purposes in this life

1.Retrospective Approach

  • Education strengths and weaknesses
  • Do needs determine career?
  • Is career independent of personal needs?

2. Early age knowledge of purpose

  • “I’ve always known what I wanted to do”
  • Putting my gifts and skills together to choose a career

3. Purposeful change in purpose

  • Age and knowledge necessary to effect change
  • What other goals do I have to fulfill in my lifetime.
  • How do I fulfill my purpose independent of career?

4. If I had another chance – another lifetime – what would I do?

  • How would I take the knowledge that I have learned and go forward?
  • What ideals would I like to see fulfilled
  • What would it take for me to do this? (How many lifetimes)

When Life Was Simple
Purpose Begins to Form
Life Becomes Complex