Developmental Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Maroon Belles

Developmental psychology is concerned with the description and establishment of developmental levels as well as the establishment of the genetic relationship between levels and their formal aspect of development.

In developmental psychology there is an upward developmental direction and movement in the direction of increasing differentiation from level to level.  Along with the increasing differentiation there is an increasing subordination of earlier content and a hierarchization of events and functions.

In the area of feelings for example, this differentiation occurs from the sensori-motor to the body signal system to linguistic concepts as we progress in development.  The sensori-motor and body signal system becomes subordinated to the higher conceptual levels and is hierarchically integrated into the whole emotional response system with increasing development.

The more differentiated and  organized the mental structure of an organism the more flexible or plastic the behavior becomes.  The less differentiated and hierarchically patterned the more rigid yet less stable the behavior becomes.  Stability of behavior requires flexibility of response in order to preserve the functional equilibrium of the organism.

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