Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day


On this Inauguration Day
Our 44th President will have his say
In resolving some major issues along mans way
From simplistic societies who defend their way
With bombs and killings to perpetuate their say
To those who defend life and liberty with talk and pray

For him to realize you cannot impose
Our societies truths and goals
Will surely tell this mans perceptions
Of mankind’s dilemmas and our nations roles

To understand how man progresses
From degrees of primitively to sophisticated systems
His success will be measured by his recognition of purpose
In defining mans evolution
And goals founded upon truthful definitions
That man is only created equal with his soul and
The possession of his feelings and all the
Basic inalienable freedoms

His success as a leader
Will be measured by his ability
To foster systems that allow mankind to grow
And evolve toward their freedom
With programs very different in a primitive society
Than those more sophisticated systems

He must develop a comprehensive philosophy
Which is fair to all members of this planet
So that all decisions are supportive
of all inhabitants positions