Laurence C. Smith, Jr., PhD
Diplomate - American Board of Professional Psychology
Diplomate - The American Board of Sexology
Certified Sex Therapist- American Association of
Sex Educators and

Psychologist comes from the Greek word "psyche" meaning "mind" and the Greek word "logos"
meaning "the study of." Put the two words together and you have "the study of (the) mind."
Psychology is an academic and applied field involving the study of the human mind, brain, and
behavior. Psychology also refers to the application of such knowledge to various spheres of
human activity, including problems of individuals' daily lives and the treatment of mental illness.
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Laurence C. Smith,Jr.
graduates from Trinity College in Hartford, Conn.
Receives Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. . .1956
Founded in 1823, one of the oldest colleges in the country, Trinity is
consistently ranked among the nation’s best colleges
In the U.S. News and World Report rankings, Trinity is consistently among
the top 50 Best Liberal Arts Colleges, and is also featured in the
“Programs to Look For” listing under “Service Learning” category of
stellar programs.
The Wall Street Journal ranked Trinity College 43rd as an elite grad
school “feeder” college.
Campus Compact, in association with Princeton Review, named Trinity as
one of the top schools in the country dedicated to civic engagement and
social responsibility.
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Laurence C. Smith, Jr., receives MA in Psychology from Clark University. . . 1958

Clark University is the oldest graduate institution in the United States.  
The University's first president, G. Stanley Hall, earned the first Psychology PhD in this country
and founded the American Psychological Association.  He was the first to identify adolescence
as a separate stage of human development.  Clark University has played a prominent role in the
development of psychology as a distinguished discipline in the United States.  Clark, the only
US college location for Sigmund Freud to speak was where he gave his famous “Clark
Lectures” in 1909, introducing psychoanalysis to this country.
Dr Laurence C. Smith receives PhD - Clark University...1962

The history of Clark University includes developmentalists
such as G. Stanley Hall and Heinz Werner, who reestablished
Clark as a center of wide-ranging conceptions and innovative
research in development.  The graduates of Clark have always
demonstrated the capacity to understand broad issues and to
avoid pitfalls of temporary technical fads in psychology.
While Dr. Smith was attending Clark, Anna Freud's (daughter of Sigmund) visit to lecture was
memorable and more important  was the influence of Piaget and the European Developmental
Psychology.  "Heinz Werner was my professor and was the primary influence in my
developmental theoretical framework which I use in all that I do."  LCS
Areas of Emphasis

Life Transitions
Sexual Dysfunction/Addiction
Stress/Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
Theoretical Orientation

Brief/Solution Focused Therapy
Dr. L. C. Smith - Facts
Psychology Licenses --
Current License
  • Colorado Board of
    Psychologist Examiners
* License #427
  • Texas State Board of
    Examiners of Psychologist
* License #1
Retired License
  • Connecticut State Board
    of Psychologists
* License #320
  • Pennsylvania Bureau of
    Professional and
    Occupational Affairs
* #PS-009204-4

Special Diplomas:
  • Diplomat - Clinical
    Psychology, American
    Board of Professional
  • Certified Sex Therapist -
    American Association of
    Sex Educators and
  • Diplomate - The
    American Board of

Professional Member of:
  • American Psychological
  • Texas Psychological
    * Past President;
    * Past Legislative
    * Past Elections
    Committee Chairman
    * Standards Review
  • Colorado Psychological
  • Bexar County
    Psychological Association
    * Past President

State of Texas  
Prior Service
  • Governor's Advisory
    Council for Children with
    Learning Disabilities          
  • Examiner, Voluntary
    Board of Psychological

Military Service
  • Distinguished Military
    Graduate, Trinity College
  • US Air Force, Veteran
    Commissioned Officer
  • Wilford Hall Hospital,
    Mental Hygiene Division
  • Apollo-Gemini Moon
    Mission, Astronaut
    Selection Team
Copyright © 2006-2009 L.C.Smith,
Jr., PhD
Dr. Smith is a developmental clinical psychologist who uses developmental theory in working with all ages from children to
geriatrics, and in relationships.

"I love my work. I see many patients per week and I have grown and continue to grow over the years. My developmental
background is used with every patient.. I work well with all ages. I have many sub-specialties because of diverse interests
and specialized training. I am committed to short term work with clients as can be seen from developing one of the first
EAP's in San Antonio in the 70's with a 1-9 visit limit." --
LCS, Jr.
Laurence Smith, PhD


  • Bexar County Juvenile Department
  • Harry Jersig Speech and Hearing Center
  • Selection Of Apollo Gemini Astronauts
  • Development of selection and screening for nuclear weapons and missile personnel
  • Govenors Counsel for children with learning disabilities
  • Development of Academic Development Services in San Antonio, Houston, and Denver for children adolescents, and adults
    with learning disabilities
  • Specialized Training and Certification in Sex Therapy from Masters and Johnson and others in the field. I am current with new
    urological treatments for impotence.
  • Consultant for three years to two closed head injury hospitals to work with staff, families of injured and the injured themselves.
  • Development of health education and wellness center for handcapped children
  • Past owner and director of the second PMS clinic in the United States
  • Past owner and director of Chemical Dependency Program for substance abuse
  • Supervisor of graduate students in Psychology for clinical work and dissertations.
  • Published for 10 years, The Collegiate Education Directory
  • Published in 1990, The Nature of Human Feelings
  • Two works in process, The Disease Called Criticism and The Selection Process.
  • For the past five years, teach at Fort Sam Houston Clergy CPE program
  • Specialized training and experience in differential diagnosis of ADD and ADHD in children, adolescents and adults
  • Keynote Speaker for Texas Rehab Association.
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