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What began as an attempt to developmentally understand the process of our emotional
progressions- the identification of our feelings – the cause and effect of our feelings – has
evolved into a recognition of the Dilemma of Mankind.  The second work on the evolution of
criticism is the most poignant manner in which we impose our beliefs on others.  

The hope of humanity rests on our ability to recognize that the IMPOSITION of our beliefs on
others only causes discord – death – destruction – unhappiness.  Mankind has always done a
good job with this.

The remainder of my writings attempts to pose the opposite – the enlightenment and hope of
happiness and intimacy as the basis of building stronger families – the unit of mankind.  It is
also to provide some fundamental information on what we know about the development of a  
relationship, the selection of equal partners and the really positive trends that appear to be
happening and which I believe will lead to more secure, healthier, longer lasting relationships.  
If my projections are correct, I see a marked decrease in the dissolution of marriage over the
next fifty years.  I see stronger, psychologically healthier relationships which, in building the
strength of the family will also build stronger societies.  The hope is that at the same time this
in turn will allow us to turn our compassionate energy to the problems of the third world.  The
“haves” will – out of their compassion turn to the “have nots” in helping their growth and

The renunciation of greed and materialism as goals evolving out of a competitive society will be
replaced by the compassion of a cooperative society.  Cooperation for the survival of our living
space, for the betterment of mankind will resolve and ameliorate the Dilemma of Mankind
which has existed since the beginnings of mankind.

Whoever said that I was an idealist??? Can idealism set the pace for realism through
Excellence can be attained
If you care more than
others think is wise

Risk more than others

Think is safe

Dream more than others
Think is practical

Expect more than others
Think is possibl

Author UnknownR
The Nature of Human
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Dr. Smith is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who has been seeing patients
since 1958. He has unusual training with an extremely strong developmental
background from Clark University.
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