Understanding Life’s Meaning
A Personal Narrative Approach In Determining Life’s Purpose

Premise:  We are here to fulfill some general and specific  purposes in this
Laurence C. Smith, Jr., PhD
Laurence C. Smith, Jr., PhD
Determining Your Purpose
Determining Your Purpose
1. Retrospective Approach
b. Education strengths and weaknesses
c. Career orientation
1. Do needs determine career?
2. Is career independent of personal needs?

Early age knowledge of purpose
a. “I’ve always known what I wanted to do”
b. Putting my gifts and skills together to choose a career

Purposeful change in purpose
a. Age and knowledge necessary to effect change
b. What other goals do I have to fulfill in my lifetime.
c. How do I fulfill my purpose independent of career?

If I had another chance - another lifetime - what would I do?
a. How would I take the knowledge that I have learned and go
b. What ideals would I like to see fulfilled
c. What would it take for me to do this? (How many lifetimes)
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