Rediscovering our passion
and honoring it by the
fulfillment of our purpose is
what we are all about.
I know what you have awakened
The passion of two old souls

When passion is gone
The soul sleeps
I have been asleep

It is the passion of creation
Of returning souls to this earth
It is the passion of bonding and sharing
Of finally reconnecting
Two ancient, aimless halves

The deep fulfillment of again meeting
Is the greatest of spiritual gifts
For the guidance to finally meet
I am eternally grateful

Passion is the avenue of our creativity
Life’s longing for beauty
To be fulfilled and
Universally shared in creative expression

Anticipated passion intensifies natures beauty
The surrounding world becomes brighter
Prior unseen details sharpen
Music is more meaningful

Awakened passion is what I feel
Passion is what I am
It is brought to us when least expected
I do not will it
I cannot make it leave

When the passion is gone
The soul sleeps
I have been asleep

October 2006
Along the Uncompagre
Laurence C. Smith, Jr., PhD
Diplomate in Clinical Psychology
When the stars blew their Gaze on the lake a thousand times
Copyright © 1986-2008 L.C.Smith, Jr., PhD
Music:"September Morn" performed by Neil Diamond