The Nature of Human Feelings
With Exercises in Intimacy
Laurence C. Smith, Jr., PhD
Copyright © 2006-2009 L.C.Smith, Jr., PhD
The Nature of Human Feelings – Revised Introduction

Almost twenty years have passed since the first writing of TNOHF.  There is
little that I would change about the causes, expression and resolution of
feelings.  This introduction seems far removed from a book on feelings.  
However, a better understanding of the universal nature of feelings leads to a
society that knows itself better, reduces criticism, and becomes more
cooperative. Building greater intimacy through a healthier selection of marital
partners will also ultimately lead to more stable families and a stronger

The world picture has changed dramatically for the worse.  The rise of the
Islamic world has reasserted itself with terrorism as its radical arm.  The
purpose of this radical arm is the destruction of Democracy, the “sins” of
democracy, Judaism, and Christianity.  Likewise destruction of this terrorist
element had become a major purpose of democracy.  Meanwhile the third
world’s poverty has continued and is one of the fuels of terrorism and is not
sufficiently dealt with by the Western world.  There apparently is no dialogue
between these ideologies in an attempt to define the differences in beliefs
and to reconcile and move toward acceptance of these differences.  There
seems to be an assumption that they are irreconcilable.  

The UN has yet to be the unifying positive force in determining international
purpose as its energy has had to be devoted to the control of the forces that
wantonly destroy innocent human life in Kosovo, Lebanon, Darfur, and
throughout the radical Islamic world.  

For a resolution of the “Dilemma of Mankind” there has to evolve a much
greater world purpose than presently exists.  This world purpose has to have
a universal appeal since the other dominating systems do not.  The key to
this greater purpose is acceptance, tolerance and concern of the safety and
survival of humanity and the world that we live in.  But more than anything the
world leaders must agree and support such a higher purpose.  Finally,
resources to help provide the third world with the essentials of food, shelter,
clothing, better health and education have to be allocated.   

May these writings stir such lofty goals!!!!   Laurence C Smith Jr.

Table of Contents



 Me and My Feelings

1.  Who Causes My Feelings?

2.  Everyone Has These Feelings

3.  What I Believe Determines What I Feel  

4.  How Do These Feelings Come About?

5.  DSFs -- Those Crazy Sequences of        

6.  Now That I Feel, What Do I Do?

SECTION II:  I Feel, You Feel, We Feel -

1.  From "I-Me" to "We-Us"

2.  The Suitcase -- Shall I Open It?

3.  Intimacy -- Do I Want It?

4.  For Those Who Dare -- Exercises in       

EPILOGUE:  Beyond the Individual

1.  Cooperative International Relations -     
     Based upon the Nature of Human           

By Laurence C. Smith, Jr., PhD
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