Sequel to the Andy

Sequel to the Andy


Sequel to The Andy

As the rain fell softly
Sometimes gently blowing its fine mist
Against my face
Diluting the salinity of my tears
Brought about by your impending departure
I was powerless in the obsession of my memories.

The silent repertoire of slides, coulages and montages
Of our precious moments together
Truly the joy, excitement, discovery and ecstasy
Of our time together
Followed by the sadness and sorrow
Of my loss in your departure

Each of our hearts have been gently held
By the others hand
Caressed and tendered
Explored and shared
Giving new life and meaning
First to one and then to the other

Even if there were to be nothing more
I can awake each morning
Richer for the experience of your gentle grasp
Of my very essence.

Colorado is us!!!
Love is allowing and nurturing each others growth.