Summer of Love Trilogy

Summer of Love Trilogy


Listen to “Summer Me, Winter Me” by Barbara Streisand-

Summer of Lovesummer_of_love

Sometimes there occurs a closeness which is instantaneous.
Did it come from a first look
Followed by a curiosity and anticipation of your presence

And if so – Why you? – Why me?
There appear to be no barriers
Age, experience, training, career, background
You search for commonalities
In background – in needs – in achievements
And in accomplishments
In an attempt to force a rationale for what was instantaneous

On The Andytrip_to_Mancos_017_3_-446x313

The sun and the brilliant blue sky
The birds, the flowers and earth

You and I

All meld together
In one act of nature

Creating a closeness and intimacy
With the very essence of life

Indeed, even (as some would say)
A reason for being

Sequel to The Andyandy_return-511x480

As the rain fell softly
Sometimes gently blowing its fine mist
Against my face
Diluting the salinity of my tears
Brought about by your impending departure
I was powerless in the obsession of my memories.

The silent repertoire of slides, coulages and montages
Of our precious moments together
Truly the joy, excitement, discovery and ecstasy
Of our time together
Followed by the sadness and sorrow
Of my loss in your departure

Each of our hearts have been gently held
By the others hand
Caressed and tendered
Explored and shared
Giving new life and meaning
First to one and then to the other

Even if there were to be nothing more
I can awake each morning
Richer for the experience of your gentle grasp
Of my very essence.

Colorado is us!!!
Love is allowing and nurturing each others growth.